Shipping and FT990 Progress

Bry Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Tue Nov 27 05:58:37 EST 2007

Ron, I think your experience is typical with FEDEX.

Very few people have any complaints with them.
I wish I could say the same of USPS. It has been weeks now 
and no action.

K2RP writes:

Interesting thread.  My experience with FedEx (Home delivery):

I shipped a scanner, very light and solid state, and packed in a single
with padding and I think peanuts.  The sale price was about $115, so
insurance wasn't indicated.  It arrived smashed to bits (only damage in
dozens of shipments by them.)  Filed a claim. Within a few days, they
to the recipient and picked up the broken item and packaging.  They sent
a check for $100 (insurance amount) plus the shipping charge, and
the unit to me.  I refunded the entire amount to the purchaser.  Later,
sold the broken one for parts at a hamfest, and came out ahead a few
Admittedly, it was a small claim, but there was no attempt to weasel out
claiming indadequate packaging, for which they could have made a case! 
cannot fault them at all!

As far as the disclaimer for unusual old and valuable items:  A couple
posters made the comment that they accepted the higher premium for the
insurance.  However, I don't think that FedEx asks about nature of the
contents when insurance is purchased, but perhaps they should!  Could be
wrong about this, tho!

My personal philosophy:  In general, I don't ship very heavy or delicate
equipment at all.  I wait until I find something (or a buyer) within a
reasonable distance, and go get it or meet the other party half way. 
also has the advantage of seeing the item to get an idea if it's as
represented.  Of course, I live in densely populated Southern California
with 15 million folk within a couple hour drive!  If I were in the middle
South Dakota, I might have a different policy!

Ron K2RP

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