[Milsurplus] Manuals for AN/TRM-3 (SG-24)

J Forster jfor at QUIK.COM
Fri Oct 5 11:29:50 EDT 2007

Sorry, I don't have the banual, BUT there is a fairly nice example of
the generator itself in the estate I working to redistribute. If you are
interested, please contact me.

The unit is big and fairly heavy (roughly a 24" cube) but could be
brought to NEAR-Fest in Deerfield next Friday or to MIT the following
Sunday. It was not on the list to be sold right off, but if someone
wants it, it can be worked into the load.

Please email off list if you covet this.


WA5CAB at cs.com wrote:

> If anyone holds copies of NAVAER 16-30TRM3-501 and/or NAVAER
> 16-30TRM3-502 please contact me.  My copies have a few foldouts
> missing (torn off at the first fold) and I need to get copies somehow.
> Robert Downs - Houston
> <http://www.wa5cab.com> (Web Store)
> MVPA 9480
> <wa5cab at cs.com> (Primary email)
> <wa5cab at comcast.net> (Backup email)

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