[Allied] One Man's Attempt To Save Morse Code

kd4e doc at KD4E.COM
Tue Oct 9 09:38:10 EDT 2007

Nothing wrong with using code, though it may be instructive
that it required a government mandate to continue to be
popular.  It is now on an equal plane with the other modes,
a free versus a compelled choice. Freedom is good.

Perhaps he should broaden his experiential horizons?

He used to fly model rockets, why not try stuffing a
tiny ATV camera into one and see what he can see?

Or bounce signals off the moon and satellites?

Or help with the all-RF HF E-mail project for post-
disaster comms?

Or one of the many many exciting avenues available to

How sad when such a bright man cannot see beyond a
single operating mode and would give up on a wonderful
hobby when other Hams choose to be more versatile and
creative rather than lock-down into a solitary mode.

> This made the front page of the Wall Street Journal!
> One Man's Attempt To Save Morse Code
> A great, in-depth article explaining the validity and 
> the continuing importance CW!
> You can view the article on line today at:
> http://online.wsj.com/public/article/SB119161604206850468.html


Thanks! & 73, doc, KD4E
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