One Man's Attempt To Save Morse Code

Meir WF2U wf2u at STARBAND.NET
Tue Oct 9 13:41:51 EDT 2007

> Doc,
> In case you missed this one:
> Responding to Forrest's 'SPARK'  message and the WSJ
> front page article on morse code, RON, AC7AC writes:
> I agree.
> As several folks have observed before, if being "obsolete" meant a
> technology would no longer be used no one would be riding horses these
> days,
> yet we have as many, if not more, horses in use in the USA today than we
> did
> a century ago!

True!  My other 2 "vehicles" ARE horses!

> (Keep in mind that we have a LOT more people too! But I suspect Morse
> will
> be affected the same way.)
> Taking the analogy further, there are situations where a horse is the
> most
> efficient and economical solution for getting around. Sure we have the
> technology to replace them with machines everywhere, but sometimes those
> machines are far more expensive considering the situation and need.
> Sometimes a horse just makes more sense, economically and practically.

Have you seen a car replicating itself?

> In
> communications, I suspect that will be true of Morse for many decades or
> centuries to come.

Amen to that!
Morse code forever!

73, Meir WF2U (and "hayburners")
Landrum, SC

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