Need some smartness from U folks

Jim Bromley, K7JEB k7jeb at COX.NET
Tue Oct 9 18:14:51 EDT 2007

Meir WF2U wrote:
> 50 - 165 mc is the frequency of 50 to 165 mc. MC is 
> Megacycles, which is the frequency unit, 1 mc is 
> equivalent to 1000 kc (kilocycles), 1 kc is 1000 cycles.
> This was replaced when the European system (named 
> after Hertz) was rammed down our throats (1 Hz = 1 cycle, 
> 1 Khz = 1 kc 1 mHz = 1 mc and so on).

This brings up a question that has puzzled me for quite
some time:  If one is looking at an oscilloscope display
of a sine wave and wants to talk about an individual,
complete movement of the trace in both the positive
and negative directions, what does one call it?

Previously one would have called it an individual *cycle*
of the waveform.  However, nowadays with our electrical
units honoring dead Europeans so much, and particularly
one Heinrich Hertz, should one use the honorifically correct
term of *hertz-second* instead?

The expiring mind of K7JEB wants to know.....

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