One Man's Attempt To Save Morse Code

Wed Oct 10 19:41:28 EDT 2007

Exactly Bob.   Motivation to learn the code to be able to get on 40 
meter CW.... very simple idea... hmmmm

So, if I want to get on 40 CW, then I need to get the license for it...  

All other modes are mostly push a button and it's there... skill to hook 
up PSK or RTTY or SSB or FM is NOT the same....  sure it takes skill, 
but it is NOT the same....

Oh well.  I'm through here... like beating a dead horse... I give up... 
cause what I am saying here isn't going to change the FCC's mind or even 
a lot of your minds... no problem.. we ALL have opinions....   Just 
wanted to say what I thought... Thanks guys for letting me say it...

now BACK to HAMMING... and Hamming can be "whatever turns you on" in the 
amateur radio world.  I fix ham gear... make it work & purrrrrrr....I 
love it.....  AND I LOVE CW.... especially CW DX chasing.... 

Today is my wife and mine's anniversary.  She said, "let's go swim" 
I'm heading for the pool... it's still warm enough to swim but not for 

Bob   W5UQ   TAMPA... FLORIDA... where it's warm most all year long.... 

rgroh at wrote:
> OK, I get what you are saying. Interesting point and I'm not sure how 
> it will play out.
> We have the new digital world coming at us very, very fast - and by 
> this I mean the various forms of digital modulation. In 5 to 10 years 
> we may have few forms of old fashioned analog modulation on the air to 
> listen to!  At least on the commercial side. I don't think there is 
> much that can or should be accomplished by regulation (and here I' m 
> talking about promoting the learning of and use of CW by regulation).
> However it may be that we (i.e. the amateur radio community) can 
> encourage the learning of and use of CW by providing listening 
> contests (the old ARRL code proficiency on-the-air tests -- do they 
> still do those) and, of course, contests that have (or are solely) 
> special categories for CW useage. That would motivate people to learn 
> CW. Frankly the motivation to be able to use the low end of 40M was 
> one of the drivers for me to get my Extra license!
> Interesting ideas and nice chatting with you.
> 73
> Bob
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> From: Bob W5UQ <W5EUQ at verizon.NET>
> Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2007 5:48:56 PM
> Subject: One Man's Attempt To Save Morse Code
> Bob, 
> there is merit to what you say.  And I'm not against that idea.  It 
> could very well be that the new system will work.  We shall see.  I do 
> NOT see code/CW dying out anytime soon.  Too many people really enjoy 
> it.  I'm just addressing the way out future.  If there is no incentive 
> to learn it...and I know that if I had not "had to learn it" that 
> there is a good chance that I may not have given it the time to learn 
> it.  All I am addressing is an incentive to learn it.  5 WPM is not 
> that big of a deal...not for those who, while trying to learn it catch 
> on to it's uniqueness. 
> Okay.  I remember when my sister just LOVED shrimp.  I couldn't stand 
> it.  She could not understand why. 
> Then, one day, something happened where I was embarrassed to admit 
> that I did not like shrimp.  So I ate some, along with the rest of the 
> people I was with.  Then something happened.  It wasn't as bad as I 
> thought.  Today, shrimp, lobster, crab legs, etc. are foods that I 
> LOVE.  But I hadn't really tried them and had to almost be forced to 
> try them as I was a meat and potatoes and beans kind of guy then... I 
> was in my early 20's. 
> Get the message?   It is not a story to explain ALL here... but it 
> does have some "merit".   Bob 
> Robert Groh wrote:
>> Bob,
>> Just a quiet reply to you alone with a bit of comment on what you are 
>> saying.
>> I was in favor of retaining the CW test for a ham license but that is 
>> in the past. Personally I greatly enjoy using CW (when I get on the 
>> air) - I am not particularly good at it but I enjoy it a lot. I got 
>> my Extra license the hard way - by passing the 20 WPM code testIt is 
>> much harder to make a CW contact than it is to mash a mike button and 
>> talk and make a voice contact.
>> I do not think you need to take a code test to use CW - frankly 
>> sending and (most particularly receiving ) code requires some skill - 
>> you can't just decide to make a CW contact and not know what you 
>> doing. You will get super frustrated and give up in short order!
>> So I see no problem with letting people who have not passed a code 
>> test operate CW mode.
>> 73
>> Bob, WA2CKY

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