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rick darwicki n6pe at YAHOO.COM
Wed Oct 10 19:30:34 EDT 2007

Learning the code was just a way to make us earn our ticket. If you sweat blood over something you are less likely to screw up, I think. 
  Soon we will merge with CBers. Maybe we can take 11 meters back in the process.
  REAL HAMS will always use CW......... or AM....... or SSB...... or FM........ etc etc
  After almost 50 years as a ham I've watched all the fights hi hi hi and will always prefer CW.
  Having memorized complicated musical compositions since about 8 years old, learning the code was a simple process for me. Others may not be so lucky, but the hobby has SSSSsoooooooo many facets, there is room for everyone. However, I spent many hours on SSB working counties for the 59 also 59
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