[FLBOATANCHORS] Re: [Allied] One Man's Attempt To Save Morse Code

Wed Oct 10 18:48:56 EDT 2007

there is merit to what you say.  And I'm not against that idea.  It 
could very well be that the new system will work.  We shall see.  I do 
NOT see code/CW dying out anytime soon.  Too many people really enjoy 
it.  I'm just addressing the way out future.  If there is no incentive 
to learn it...and I know that if I had not "had to learn it" that there 
is a good chance that I may not have given it the time to learn it.  All 
I am addressing is an incentive to learn it.  5 WPM is not that big of a 
deal...not for those who, while trying to learn it catch on to it's 

Okay.  I remember when my sister just LOVED shrimp.  I couldn't stand 
it.  She could not understand why. 

Then, one day, something happened where I was embarrassed to admit that 
I did not like shrimp.  So I ate some, along with the rest of the people 
I was with.  Then something happened.  It wasn't as bad as I thought.  
Today, shrimp, lobster, crab legs, etc. are foods that I LOVE.  But I 
hadn't really tried them and had to almost be forced to try them as I 
was a meat and potatoes and beans kind of guy then... I was in my early 

Get the message?   It is not a story to explain ALL here... but it does 
have some "merit".   Bob 

Robert Groh wrote:
> Bob,
> Just a quiet reply to you alone with a bit of comment on what you are 
> saying.
> I was in favor of retaining the CW test for a ham license but that is 
> in the past. Personally I greatly enjoy using CW (when I get on the 
> air) - I am not particularly good at it but I enjoy it a lot. I got my 
> Extra license the hard way - by passing the 20 WPM code testIt is much 
> harder to make a CW contact than it is to mash a mike button and talk 
> and make a voice contact.
> I do not think you need to take a code test to use CW - frankly 
> sending and (most particularly receiving ) code requires some skill - 
> you can't just decide to make a CW contact and not know what you 
> doing. You will get super frustrated and give up in short order!
> So I see no problem with letting people who have not passed a code 
> test operate CW mode.
> 73
> Bob, WA2CKY
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> Just can't keep quiet here.
> I feel that there is also nothing wrong with mandating that,  "if one
> wants to operate in the code band, one must pass a code test for that
> particular privilege."
> Many people just want to be able to say that they have "all ham
> privileges" and would go for it.  Then they may find that they like it.  
> If the privilege of operating code is there without any code test, then
> there is much less encouragement to learn the code.
> I may be wrong.  I may be a die hard.  However, I am not resisting
> change.  I just believe that if one wants to do code, it is best to be
> given an incentive to learn it and be tested on it.  The incentive is
> the added privileges and passing the test. (even if it is just 5 wpm)
> Bob  W5UQ
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