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Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Wed Oct 10 17:54:13 EDT 2007

Megacycles (shortened form of megacycles per second
abbreviated mc) is the "olde tyme" designation for
megahertz (MHz).  50 mc is the same as 50 MHz and is
the bottom end of 6 meters.  On the top end 165 mc is
165 MHz which is above the 2 meter band and is about
half way through the commercial "highband".  The range
of 50 mc - 165 mc takes in (among other things)
television channels 2 through 6, the FM broadcast
band, the aviation band, as well as 6 meters, 2
meters, and half of the commercial highband.

You "get there" by using equipment designed for VHF

Glen, K9STH

--- spalletta <spalletta at RCN.COM> wrote:

Im fairly new at this so here goes a question , What
do mc (megacycles) relate to in terms of Frequency and
Bands? Ie... 50-165mc is what freq.? and how do you
get there ?

Glen, K9STH


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