John Bauer W4AWM at AOL.COM
Sun Oct 21 17:42:47 EDT 2007

Thise who missed this one really missed a great gathering.  The WX was 
absolutely perfect, All the flea market spaces were full and the auction went on for 
way over three hours. The food could be custom ordered and was delivered on 
time, or you could purchase pizza by the slice as long as it lasted. Soft 
drinks and water were abailable all day. Rest rooms (at least the men's) were clea, 
there was plenty of hot water, TP and towels.

Spotted in the flea market was a pair of SX-28s, an SX-111, a National 77 
special, an NC-300,  Hammarlund Super Pro with PS, PE-103 with base, DM-1000, and 
several other pieces of surplus gear. Lots of tubes, small parts and paper. 
The rest was mainly antique and more recent tabletop and console radios, lots 
of test equipment, etc. Prices for the most part were sownright reasonable.

The auction was awsome. There was almost more stuff than were was room for 
people. Amont the items auctioned in addition to console and table top radios 
and phonographs were lots of surplus gear, pre recorded audio and video tapes, 
records, scopes. meters, including a Simpson 260 with box and probes, sighnal 
generators, tube testers, wlaborate junque boxes, large quantities of receiving 
and transmitting tubes including many 811s, 833s, 1625s, 807s 829s, 832s, MV 
rectifiers including 866s and 872s and much more. Unfortunately, the few 
audiofools present drove the prices of 6L6s, KT-66s, 5881s, 6V6s and other audio 
types way out of range of the average attendee. Also auctioned off were an 
unbuilt Heathkit DX-60, Color TV set and a home controller kit. There were several 
transmitters including an Ameco. There was some kind of commercial Collins 
transceiver which went for big bux.

All in all, it was tremendous and as far as I know, everyone went away happy.


 John,  W4AWM

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