SWAP: 19.5MHz Xtal for MHz - CORRECTION

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Wed Oct 31 00:24:33 EDT 2007

Mouser has HC49/U crystals for 24.000 MHz part number
559-FOX240-F-20-LF for 63 cents each in single
quantities.  They also have 11.000 MHz crystals part
number 559-FOX111-20-LF for 47 cents each in single

Both are for a 20 pf load.

The 11.000 MHz will double to 22.000 MHz and work
fine.  I use these "clock" type crystals in all sorts
of VHF converters including the old AMECO CB-6 and CN
type converters to use with a 28.0 MHz to 30.0 MHz
i.f.  The 11.000 MHz crystals work fine in these
converters (and in quite a number of other 6 meter
converters that I have both tube-type and solid-state)
even though the frequency does have to be doubled.

Since I have both a Collins 75A-2 and a Collins 75A-3
I use the 24.000 MHz crystals to cover all the 6 meter
band.  The 75A-2 and 75A-3 "double" the PTO frequency
and therefore cover 26.0 MHz to 28.0 MHz on the 11
meter band and 28.0 MHz to 30.0 MHz on the 10 meter

I also use the 26.0 MHz to 30 MHz range to give all of
2 meters and also 222 MHz to 225 MHz.

Since the crystals are so cheap (they are quality
crystals but are made in quantities of thousands and
therefore there is a economy of scale) I generally
purchase 5 or 10 of the various frequencies that I use
for converters at a time.

Now I am "sorta" a "converter junkie" in that when I
find a converter really cheap I acquire it.  Right now
I have over 20 VHF and UHF converters primarily

The only thing is that the HC49/U crystals have wire
leads.  You have to adapt them to various crystal
sockets or else wire them directly in the circuit. 

Glen, K9STH

--- kd4e <doc at KD4E.COM> wrote:

So, I need a 22MHz crystal to put 50-52MHz on 28-30MHz
and a 24MHz one to put 52-54 on 28-30MHz.
Right now I need a 22MHz crystal, please?
Sorry for my confusion!  ;-)
I have an AMECO 6M CN (nuvistor) converter.
I need to swap the original AMECO-labeled 19.5MHz
crystal for a tested-good *22MHz* crystal.  This is a
common HC-6/U metal shell crystal type.
My AMECO converter was designed to work with the
special converter IF of some BA receivers of 30.5 -
34.5MHz.  I am converting it to use 28-30MHz on my
Gonset G-66B.

Glen, K9STH

Website:  http://k9sth.com

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