Globe Electronics Signal Optimizer

Richard Post postr at OHIOU.EDU
Sat Sep 1 21:09:28 EDT 2007

Hi Doc,

Have a similar one made by Johnson.  Cute little device.  Definitely 
made for the 11 meter enthusiasts and Johnson Messengers.  No 
schematic on that one either.   Not all that complicated though.


Boatanchor pix


At 8:10 PM -0500 9/1/07, kd4e wrote:
>Anyone have a schematic for this little device, please?
>I checked BAMA and did a general Web search ... nada.
>It has some neat features:
>Crystal Test
>Field Strength
>Signal Monitor
>I know that it was originally marketed to the CB folks
>but imagine that with a little tweak here and there may
>serve as a handy device for Ham boatanchor setups.
>Thanks! & 73, doc, KD4E

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