Heathkit Apache TX-1

Bill kk4xi at YAHOO.COM
Mon Sep 3 07:40:02 EDT 2007

GM Michael,
Back in the good ol daze, the best way to find where the tick noise is coming from is to use a insulated long hollow tube with one end stuck in your ear and the other is used like a stethoscope being place on the different spots where you think the tick is coming from. You might be surprised where it actually is located.
(Works on other probs as well).
73 es GLITC,

Michael Waldrop <w5rkl at YAHOO.COM> wrote: I am wondering if there is anyone who has experienced a modulation
transformer failure in a Heathkit Apache TX-1? What symptoms did you
experience prior to the transformer failing?

My Apache, in transmit, has a noice that appears to be a very short arc
that sounds like a "tick" noise that can be heard by standing in front of
the transmitter. The sound appears to be loudest at the left front. The
modulation transformer appears to be warmer than normal. 

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