Heathkit Apache TX-1

L.G. Robertson digital-conjurers at ROADRUNNER.COM
Tue Sep 4 11:22:54 EDT 2007


If it DOES turn out to be a transformer...

 From talking to other owners through the years, the Apache seems to have 
had a proclivity for blowing the "big iron" transfomers in it.  Personally, 
IMHO, this results from the not-so-brilliant Heath idea of putting the 
transmitter in the same cabinet as the TX-1; one uses about 65W, the other 
can draw up to 500W.  Not so good!

In summary, once you find your "tick", you might try the following 
life-prolonging TX-1 tricks others have:

1. Build a stepdown "bucking" transformer, and run the thing @ 110 VAC 
(slows down, but does not eliminate the heating problem)
2. Replace that wimpy little fan inside the finals cage with a modern 
muffin fan of greater ability mounted on the outside of the cage
3. Direct a fan (or fans) at the cabinet itself while it's in use.

As an old (very) rule of thumb, no part (save the tubes) should get hotter 
than 50C; use an IR probe (Radio Shack, $20) or a thermocouple (available 
on many inexpensive Sears multimeters) to measure the temps on your 
transformers.  Even 45-47C is a bit warm for an old part.

You might also check with some of the guys at HEATH at LISTSERV.TEMPE.GOV .


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