Big Ham Radio Sale: Time & Place Information!

paul hendershott pjhend at AMERITECH.NET
Wed Sep 12 01:32:29 EDT 2007

  Radio "Home Sale"
  Saturday September 15th    10am to 2pm 
  Location: 236 S. 9th Ave  LaGrange, IL 60525  (20 min. west of Chicago by I-294 & I-55)
  Hi Folks - For all of you in the Chicago & surrounding areas, I hope you stop by and take a look at some nice Tubes Galore, Boatanchors, Un-Built Heathkits, and for those in the hobby - Antique radios. Below is a list of the major items for sale but there will be lots of smaller items not listed. This is a BIG list so be sure to scroll all the way down. Call 708-299-3939 if you get lost! Hope to see you there!  73 Paul W9BBR
    Ham Radios For Sale :
  HW-101  Transceiver   Excellent
  SB-100    Transceiver Excellent
  SB-230    Linear Amplifier Excellent
  SB-614    Station Monitor Scope Excellent
  Matching SB Power Supply/Speaker Excellent
  Matching SB Speaker Excellent
  HR-1680  Receiver Excellent
  DX-60     Transmitter – Mint – Just Built
  HR-10     VFO for DX-60 8.5+
  HR-10B   VFO for DX-60 Excellent to Mint
  DX-40      Transmitter – 5.5+
  VF-1         VFO for DX-40 8+
  VF-1         VFO for DX-40 8
  VF-1         VFO for DX-40 7.5+ w/ XMT/RCV Relay
  VF-1         VFO for DX-40 8.5
  SA-2500   Auto-Antenna Matcher (will load up your bedsprings!) 9+
  HW-101  Transceiver  Plus HP-23B (both cabinets bent in shipping)
  HW-8       QRP Transceiver  7
  Drake 2-B  General Coverage Receiver  Mint!
  National 183D Receiver Excellent 
  National 183D Matching Speaker Excellent 
  TMC Technical Materials Corp GPR-90 – Fully Restored & Aligned – Mint!
  Collins S-Line U.S.S. Saratoga
  Collins 32S-1  Excellent +
  Collins 75S-1  Excellent +
  Collins 30L-1 Excellent +
  Collins 312B-4 Excellent +
  Collins S-Line Matching Speaker Excellent +
  Radio Shack HTX-10  New In Box 10 m All Mode Xcvr
  Radio Shack HTX-10  New In Box 10 m All Mode Xcvr
  Radio Shack Htx-242  New In Box 2 m FM Xcvr
  SA-2550 UN-OPENED                                                                                                     
  SA-2550 OPENED - INTACT                                                                                           
  HO-5404 OPENED - INTACT                                                                                          
  HW-9     OPENED - INTACT                                                                                           
  HW-9     OPENED - INTACT                                                                                           
  PS-23    OPENED - INTACT                                                                                            
  PS-23    UN-OPENED                                                                                                     
  IM-5218  OPENED - INTACT                                                                                                      
  HR-1680 OPENED - INTACT                                                                                                       
  ET-3100 OPENED - INTACT                                                                                                       
  IM-18     OPENED - INTACT                                                                                                        
  EICO VTVM #232 KIT OPENED - INTACT                                                                       
  CANTENNA   OPENED – INTACT                                                                                   
  IT-12 VISUAL-ALARM SIG TRACER  OPENED INTACT                                                  
  IT-1410 LOGIC PROBE OPENED                                                                                                 
  HD-1250 SOLID STATE DIP METER OPENED INTACT                                                   
  IG-5280 RF OSCILLATOR INTACT                                                                                
  AT -1 OPENED & RE-BOXED - COMPLETE. (RARE)                                                        

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