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Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Wed Sep 19 00:51:22 EDT 2007

They are illegal for the purpose for which they were
originally produced.  Most of these amplifiers are
VERY "dirty" in terms of spurious emissions, etc.  The
vast majority of those do need a rebuild before they
are "legal" on the amateur radio bands.

Now it is not illegal for a licensed amateur radio
operator to own one of these amplifiers.  However, if
they do not meet the emission standards of 47 CFR Part
97 Section 97.307 then it IS illegal to use such an
amplifier.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of these
amplifiers do NOT meet 47 CFR Part 97 Section 97.307
and cannot meet those specifications without a major

Of course it is illegal to use such an amplifier on
any frequency other than within the privileges of a
duly licensed amateur radio operator.

I would hope that any amplifier "built from scratch"
would be of a design which will meet the technical
specifications of 47 CFR Part 97 Section 97.307.  If
not, then the amateur radio operator who built the
amplifier is not in compliance with the FCC

Glen, K9STH

--- RAY FRIESS <rayfrijr at> wrote:

I would question whether a rebuild would be necessary.
 After all, if you built one from scratch using the
same parts and circuit diagram, there would be nothing
illegal about it.

Glen, K9STH


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