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Well excuse me for trying to get some information from someone who is "generally" regarded as knowing what he is talking about when it comes to technical issues.

I am NOT "fixated" on the Palomar 300 or on any other type of amplifier.
I used that as an example because I happen to have two of them and they seem to be, from my examination of the schematics, typical or representative of the CB type amps that have been discussed here.  I have also been a ham for 40 years and feel I know a thing or two technically, since I passed my first exam when we had to not only answer questions, but draw schematic diagrams of things like amps and power supplies.  HOWEVER, I also know what I don't know, and when I do, I usually like to ask questions so that this "old" ham of 56 years age can learn a thing or two from someone who has been around as long as I have.

I didn't realize my inquiries would raise such ire.   I'll confine my discussions on this topic with a few people here in this state who are also generally regarded as knowing what they are talking about and are willing to calmly answer my questions.

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  What is this fixation on the Palomar 300?  I am not
  "looking at" the schematic.  This particular amplifier
  may just be one of the very few "CB" type amplifiers
  that are of a decent design.  Frankly, I do not know!

  However, the vast majority of "CB" type amplifiers are
  deficient in their design.  They often lack input /
  output filtering, a good number of them are not biased
  properly, the tubes are often operated beyond the
  published specifications, etc.

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