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WE0H we0h at YAHOO.COM
Wed Sep 19 23:33:01 EDT 2007

Just build a new multi tapped tank for it. While your at it, add in 
tuned input tanks to keep the transmitter happy. You certainly can 
modify any CB amp, tube or transistor, for the Amateur & Experimental 
bands with a little work. Besides, your doing all of us a favor by 
taking another bootlegger amp off the market and changing it so it will 
not easily go back on the Chicken Band...hi hi...


> Thanks a lot Doc.  That's precisely the type of information I was looking for.
> I used the Palomar 300 as an example because I have one and it is bandswitched for 40 through 10.  500 watts out of those sweep tubes would be a nice thing to have available, and if there is a way to "clean it up" a bit so it wont run afoul of the regs, that would also be nice to know.  I have also, at times, cast a wondering eye toward it while mulling over how badly it would have to be "butchered" or modified to cover 160 meters or even add 80 while removing 10.
> Ray  wa7itz

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