10/11 meter amps-my 2cents

Bry Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sun Sep 23 06:48:39 EDT 2007

Great comments from Rick and Glen,

Since the 1960s, "handle" was part of the lingo as of course were
terms like  "skip" etc.  They are a part of our heritage along with 
the Q signals.

Anyone who thinks our heritage is "snobbish" just doesn't get it!
That is never the intention.

It seems especially appropriate to use the old style 1960s operating 
procedures and lingo if we are using Boatanchor radios!

I will QRX (but not "on the side!" - ha ha!)

73, Bry AF4K

>I've been a ham radio operator since 1962 and Q
> signals have always been used as has "skip" and "handle".  If anyone wants
> to complain about what should and should not be used on HF then complain
> about the "trash mouth's" and their vulgar use of four letter words.  This
> is what's a crime, not "Q" signals.
> 73,
> Rick/K5IAR

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