FS: DX-200 Receiver

Bry Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Mon Sep 24 21:05:18 EDT 2007


Realistic DX200 receiver. Here is an excellent shortwave receiver 
Dual tuning dials.  It is all checked out thoroughly and in excellent 
The Radio Shack DX-200 has good shortwave reception 
The receiver is an older model with an analog frequency readout. 
The use of 
analog type tuning eliminates noisy digital synthesizers so common 
with inexpensive shortwave receivers.  A good little performer.

The controls on the front panel includes Antenna trim, AGC 
fast/slow, BFO pitch with USB/LSB indication, Bandswitch (5 
bands), RF gain, AF gain, Mode switch 
with SSB/CW-Standby-AM-AM/ANL,
Has the calibrator, main tuning and bandspread tuning. The front 
panel includes 
a headphone jack.  The bands as displayed on the upper drum type 
dial have 
LED indicators. Both drum type dials have an adjustable line to 
align the 
frequency readout. Using the frequency calibrator assists in 
This radio is very sensitive. The DX200 has a product detector for 
SSB and 
the modes include:  AM, SSB and CW. The antenna input is a two 
terminal type 
for 'twin lead.' You can simply use an end fed random wire antenna 
to one 
terminal. The automatic noise limiter is effective on most noise
and it does not distort the audio. The radio is superior to the new 
and portable type receivers.

Included AC power cord in excellent shape. Everything works on 
this radio 
as it should. This receiver comes with a decent copy of both the 
service manual 
and the operators manual

Available for $125.00 plus shipping

Picture and details at:


73 - Brian

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