FS: EMC211 Tube Tester

Bry Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Mon Sep 24 22:09:59 EDT 2007

FOR SALE: EMC Model 211 Tube Tester

This is a small 120V AC operated tube tester with sockets for 
octal, loctal, and 9-pin and 7-pin miniature tibes. It will also 
test nuvistors. Has dual size plate cap attachments on a flying lead.
8 position filament voltage selector switch. There are 14 other 
It's all there and appears to be in good shape but I don't have 
the manual for it.  There are a lot of these testers around so 
I am sure you can easily get a copy of the manual.

Available for $25.00 plus shipping

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