1st QSO with restored Valiant

hudlerb1@netzero.com hudlerb1 at NETZERO.COM
Wed Sep 26 10:29:08 EDT 2007

Hello Fellow Boat Anchorers,
Well, I finally got the cabinet refinished and the rig assembled yesterday. It looks great, and all the resto work is basically complete. All of the connections to the antenna and T/R relay were completed months ago, so I got the nerve to load 'er up on the dipole.......
Seemed to load OK, so I listened for a while on 80 M CW, and called K3XI to see if it actually works......yep - a 599 report!!! I'll save the AM for another day....
Success!! I worked some European DX and also some Carri bean DX.....no sweat.
Needless to say I'm all excited about saving this rig from the recycle bin at the land fill, and another Boat Anchor is back on the air. Not to mention the fun I'll have messing with this old stuff again. 
Later on, someone mentioned the rig has a bit of chirp, I think maybe this is a bit normal for the old stuff, especially something 50 years old. I did notice occasionally the tone warbles a bit, maybe the VFO is a bit unstable or the keying circuit is slightly out of adjustment....what you guys think?
73's for now
Bruce WA3MKC

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