L.G. Robertson digital-conjurers at ROADRUNNER.COM
Fri Sep 28 20:28:32 EDT 2007

ERP from the antenna seems to be the name of the game, really...I am 
restricted by terrain, CCR's and geology to a vertical and 120 watts; 
still, I have been heard well in Chicago on a good, quiet, winter 
night.  Had one KH7 that was fun, too.

But May to September (or whenever the thunderstorms quiet down), I just 
pull the plug and do other projects, as I usually can only manage a +15 
over 300 miles away on 3870-90, and QRN is usually S-9 to +10 over here.

But 100W AM CAN be done, and was done for many a year before SSB.  In the 
1930's, if you had a 100 watt phone rig, you were someone that had a lot of 
company in your shack!  And it's all about the fun of restoring and using 
old gear for me anyway.

BTW, what, exactly, is the "75 meter Ghetto"?  One gets Lids all over the 
bands, and being an Extra doesn't disqualify one from that hall of fame, 
either.  I have heard discussions on several parts of 75-80 that wouldn't 
be fit for the engine room of a Liberty ship.  Could you inform me where 
this den of iniquity lies, so I can avoid it?  :)



At 12:18 PM 09/28/2007, you wrote:

>Well, considering they're in Europe with little AM activity and more
>restrictions, not at all.
>AM on 75m in North America is an entirely different animal. I recall
>running 100 watts back in the early 90s and nights I couldn't be heard
>or if heard, was classified as 'pissweak' due to noise and
>interference issues.
>Other than the occasional, rare 'quiet' night, most of the low power
>guys run their Elmacs, cakepans, and DX-60s mornings and days, or
>early evening before things get loud.
>OTOH, we hear a lot of low power stations down on 80m AM. I've worked
>a number of ricebox mobiles and other small rigs around 3710-3750.
>It's nice, really.
>But that's not the 75m ghetto, either.

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