300 Watt AM Amp Plans?

Lin Robertson digital-conjurers at ROADRUNNER.COM
Tue Apr 29 13:14:57 EDT 2008

SRI, OM's,

I meant 300W _carrier_.   Should have been clearer.  Thought the mention 
of  usage w/TX-1 would be enough.

After thinking it all over, maybe I'll also look around for a HA-10...or 
some other "period amp" as a secondary thing until I can lay hands on an 
HA-10... ;)

Thanks for all the input!

73 DE Lin/KJ6EF


At 08:38 AM 04/29/2008, you wrote:
>Is the amplifier intended for 300 W unmodulated carrier or 300 W Peak
>Envelope Power (PEP - carrier plus modulation)?
>If it's for 300 W carrier you need a 1200W amplifier, to accomodate
>100%modulation added to the 300W carrier and not exceed the amplifier
>maximum PEP rating.
>(for the legal limit of 1500W it breaks down as 375 W carrier + 100%
>For 300W PEP you don't need an amplifier for the TX-1. The 100W
>carrier plus the modulation (provided the modulation is at or near
>100%)  make a total of 400W PEP.
>Just to wrap it up, 300 W PEP output is made up from 75W carrier + modulation.
>73, Meir WF2U
>Landrum, SC

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