Help valuing an AR-88 that UPS destroyed last week --

Mike Langner mlangner at SWCP.COM
Wed Apr 30 16:51:35 EDT 2008

Hello all !

Well, fearful of the worst, I shipped a perfectly-functioning RCA AR-88 via
UPS a couple of weeks ago.

It was cushioned, boxed, cushioned, and then placed into a custom wooden
crate assembled with screws, not nails.

The crate was constructed by the owners of my local UPS store. Based on the
model crate I saw, it was quite substantial!!

According to UPS, the radio "fell out of the crate" and they cannot locate
the item.

I did insure it, so I'm filing a claim that they've pre-approved, except for
negotiating the value of the unit.

Could I please listserve members for suggested valuation of this unit for me
to take to UPS?  An hour spent on the Internet searching didn't uncover any
listed for sale, even on eBay!

UPS says I have to bring in "proof of value."  I suspect I'll have a real
fight on my hands, and any material anyone might be able to provide to me,
even if it's a collection of emails indicating the value of one of these
venerable old radios will be a great help.

And all this after they ran a fork lift into an R-390 I shipped a year and a
half ago.

I guess I'm "learning my lesson!"

Thanks very, very much !!


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