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Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Sat Aug 9 14:59:43 EDT 2008

The person who was interested in my Dentron 160-AT 160 meter antenna tuner decided against the trade.  Therefore, it is again available.  This is an antenna tuner that is made specifically for the 160 meter band.  It has a multi-tapped coil and a variable capacitor in an "L" configuration.  This unit is in excellent condition.  Photos are available to be E-Mailed.

Next item is a Collins 708A-1.  This is a "precision" tunable oscillator that covers 2.0 MHz to 4.2 MHz and, according to Collins specifications, can be reset to the nearest 30 Hz just by turning the dials.  It has two PTOs and takes up 10.5 inch standard 19 inch rack panel space.  It was sold by Collins as a "precision tunable laboratory oscillator" with the notation that the unit could be used as a VFO or as a receiver local oscillator.  In very good condition and photos are available.

Basically complete URM-17 system.  This consists of a receiver that tunes from 370 MHz to 1000 MHz and is "officially" known as a Radio Interference and Field Intensity Meter manufactured by Stoddart Aircraft Radio Company.  The audio output is 600 ohms and requires either a speaker with the appropriate matching transformer or else can be used with high impedance headphones.  There is a large Weston meter on the front panel calibrated in 0 to 100 microvolts for direct reading of signal strengths.  In addition, there is a switchable attenuator that puts 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 dB in line.  There is also a special antenna included that is calibrated so that the actual signal strength received meets the calibration standards.  In addition, any "regular" antenna that is fed with 50 ohm coaxial cable  with a type "N" connector can be used.  The power supply is separate and is connected through a cable approximately 6 feet long to the receiver.

The system consists of

IM-52/URM-17 receiver

PP-530/URM-17 power supply

AT-255/URM-17 antenna

120 VAC power cord

Interconnecting cable for power supply to receiver

Short 50 ohm ocaxial cable for connecting antenna to receiver

Photos are available and condition is very good to excellent.  The paper type capacitors in the receiver have been replaced with modern types.

I am open to trades for boat anchor equipment especially.  The 708A-1 and the URM-17 are, obviously, more valuable than the Dentron 160-AT.  Now I am NOT interested in any Swan equipment except for the Swan 160-X (160 meter only transceiver) or the Mark I or Mark II linear.  Also, am not interested in any FM equipment (either commercial or amateur).  A Heath SB-200 or SB-220 would definitely be attractive.  Otherwise, I am open to "suggestions".

Am also interested in transverters for 222 MHz and 432 MHz.  An i.f. of either 10 meters or 6 meters preferred.  Also, a Heath SB-500 2-meter transverter would be considered.

Glen, K9STH



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