2 Mid-50's Homebrews For Sale,Both need TLC

Jim Cunningham,K4DEE K4deejim at AOL.COM
Wed Aug 27 13:06:00 EDT 2008

One is a pair of 811a's modulated by a pair of 811a's. Xctr is bandswitched  
into a 829 loaded by a National MB-150 network, in a 6' Bud Cabinet on wheels  
and separate speech amp, needs plate xmfr. $100
 The other is a 813 amp modulated by a pair of 811a's, xctr is a  
6146,modulated by a 6L6 which also drives the 811a mods and also has built-in  VFO , 
80-10 , with National dial. In a 36" desk-top Bud Cabinet. $  100
   Most of the design and circuits are in the '54-'57 ARRL  handbooks. 
       Tnx,  Jim-K4DEE ,  Easley,SC     864-855-9570        Local Pickup  
Only                 73

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