AR-88 radio and its seller on eBay --

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Although I made the "posse" remark as a joke, I'd like to commend Mike on
his sensible, mature, and well thought out reaction to this unhappy

A possible scenario is that UPS legitimately lost the package, paid the
insurance claim, and, as Mike points out, owned the package at that point.
Perhaps the current seller made a business of buying such merchandise, at
auction or otherwise, for resale, much as there are firms who buy lost
luggage from the airlines and resell.  It is possible, I guess, that the
shipment was misdirected, stuck in an airplane cargo compartment, or
otherwise disappeared with no "foul play" at all!  Of course it is also
possible that it's all a big scam, but it certainly demands investigation,
but with the respect and "presumption of innocence" that we're all entitled
to.  In any case, an interesting turn of events!

Ron K2RP

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About the AR-88 radio

I have never accused the seller of anything.  I have expressed that the
radio he is selling appears to match the photos of the one I lost.

The seller may, I stress may, have been provided with a radio with a
questionable past to sell.  Possibly the seller and I am both victims.
That's not unlikely.

The radio now belongs to UPS or to its insurance company.  UPS is pursuing
the matter. I have spoken with the UPS store that shipped the radio.

While I agree with everyone who has said the radio sure looks like the one
that was "lost" by UPS, no-one should accuse the seller of anything.  I make
no accusation.  I do observe the extreme similarity of the photos, and
welcome everyone's perceptions and conclusions.  But absent having the
actual radio in front of me, I merely note the striking similarity, and
offer caution to everyone, including the seller.

The shipper is not entitled to return of the merchandise after the insurance
claim has been paid.

If, however, the proper authorities determine the radio belongs to UPS, I
hope that would prevent any one or any ones along the way from the UPS depot
until its arrival at the seller's store from benefiting from any possible

And I have said nothing to the eBay community through eBay.  The seller does
not deserve adverse publicity.  But we all deserve, including the seller,
any information that be relevant to the loss of a radio that appears in the
photos to be the one UPS "lost."


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