Ebay problems

Tom Chesek tchesek at EPIX.NET
Thu Aug 28 15:11:42 EDT 2008


The Fox Tango Website(for Yaesu users) has a link to an auction site  
called ioffer. Above is the link to Fox Tango and you can click on the  
ioffer link there. I've hesitated from using ioffer because it doesn't  
appear to have a lot of traffic yet but maybe it is time for us to  
move our hobby interests and businesses there.


Quoting Lloyd KK7IZ <kk7iz at COX.NET>:

> A few people ask what lit my fuse.
> Yesterday I started to list 2 pieces of heavy lab equipment. (70-90 lbs)
> I found I had to enter shipping information. IE their choices of
> carrier, Fedex was not offered, packed weight, size etc. I do not pack
> until item is sold, as frequently things are picked up. I finally
> worked around it by saying items were in excess of 150 lbs and would
> have to go freight. I do not like having to lie to get around their BS.
> Further is the upcoming payment changes. This will impact me some as a
> seller because not everybody has the ability to pay as they are going
> to demand.
> Frankly they are getting to big for their britches. I do not like
> having to discuss this on the reflectors, but if we don't join forces
> we might as well crawl in a hole.
> For those of you least affected we who are would appreciate your
> support. Who knows, their next edict may impact you.
> Please file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.
> They want to hear from you.
> You can file a complaint by calling
> 1-877-382-4357
> or go to their web site
> www.ftc.gov
> home page---quick find---consumer complaints.
> Stand up and shout. I understand it does not take many voices to make
> them pay attention,
> after all they have to justify their existence.
> Scream, shout, jump up and down. Do something besides complain.
> Pass this on to any reflector you can.
> Thank you for the bandwidth. I will now crawl back in my hole until the
> next revolution.
> Thanx
> Lloyd  KK7IZ
> kk7iz at cox.net

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