It looks like Heathkit manuals are no longer available for download on BAMA or any other sites. Copyright issues.

Robert Groh rgroh at SWBELL.NET
Sat Dec 13 10:15:19 EST 2008

Ladies and gentleman, it looks like our access to copies of Heathkit manuals has come up to a thundering halt. I first noticed something amiss when I tried to find a Heathkit manual on BAMA and, strange to note, there was no 'Heath' in the index!  And no contents on the one old link I had to a manual.  "Very strange", thought I, "maybe the site is busted".

Then, just a couple of minutes ago, I saw an email on another forum a Heathkit manual and directions to go to the Tech Systems site and there is where I found the following notice:
"On October 30, 2008, Data Professionals of Pleasanton, CA purchased the Intellectual property of the Heathkit legacy products from Heathkit in Benton Harbor, Michigan.  This rights to these legacy products also includes the copyright. All free manuals have been removed from this site in compliance with copyright laws. "

So no downloads on the Tech Systems site and that is probably what happened on the BAMA site also. Super bummer! And I imagine this will impact the manual copying business also. Haven't checked any of the manual vendors.

73 (in grief and sorrow)

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