Heathkit manuals... Copyright issues.

Jim Bromley, K7JEB k7jeb at COX.NET
Sat Dec 13 10:59:21 EST 2008

Robert Groh wrote:

>> "On October 30, 2008, Data Professionals of
>> Pleasanton, CA purchased the Intellectual property
>> of the Heathkit legacy products from Heathkit in
>> Benton Harbor, Michigan.  This rights to these
>> legacy products also includes the copyright. All
>> free manuals have been removed from this site in
>> compliance with copyright laws. "

Lawrence Steeno wrote:

> Is is still possible to swap between each other?
> Should one need an item and ask for it, could
> someone send it to them without a call from
> someones attorney? 

Well, I never thought I'd see the day when
boat-anchor radio schematics would become "warez".
What was that: "When schematics are outlawed, only
outlaws will have schematics."

Fortunately, a thriving technology exists to
'route around' this obstacle to free information
exchanges.  I'm looking forward to seeing the BAMA
archives on Pirate Bay, accessible through the
usual TOR mechanisms or buried in a BitTorrent
somewhere.  If all else fails, anonymously mailed
CD-ROM's could be traversing the country in
response to 'needs' posted on this list.

Jim, K7JEB

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