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I would respectfully disagree.  If I bought the manual and I own it, especially if I was the original builder of the kit but even if I bought it somewhere else, then copyright or no copyright, it is my property and I can do with it as I see fit.   Sell it, give it away, or whatever I please.
When you buy a book or manual, it becomes your property and no one can tell you that you can't give it away or share it with someone else.
> Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2008 10:05:11 -0800> From: gzook at YAHOO.COM> Subject: Re: Heath Scchematics/manuals> To: BOATANCHORS at LISTS.TEMPE.GOV> > If the new owner of the Heath copyrights wants to make things difficult, then the answer is no. There is such a thing as "fair use" but, unfortunately, distributing an entire manual to someone else is not "fair use". You could probably get away with sending something like a schematic but not the entire manual.> > Glen, K9STH> > Website: http://k9sth.com> > > --- On Sat, 12/13/08, Lawrence Steeno <lcbs at SBCGLOBAL.NET> wrote:> > From: Lawrence Steeno <lcbs at SBCGLOBAL.NET>> > Is is still possible to swap between each other? Should one need an item and ask for it, could someone send it to them without a call from someones attorney?> > > > > -----------------------------------------------------------> This list is a public service of the City of Tempe, Arizona> -----------------------------------------------------------> > Subscription control - http://www.tempe.gov/lists/control.aspx?list=BOATANCHORS> To post - BOATANCHORS at LISTS.TEMPE.GOV> Archives - http://lists.tempe.gov/archives/BOATANCHORS.html
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