It looks like Heathkit manuals are no longer available for download on BAMA or any other sites. Copyright issues.

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Sat Dec 13 16:24:03 EST 2008

Everything is automatically copyrighted when written.  There is no obligation to register the copyright.  All that "officially" registering a copyright does is aid in collecting treble damages from those who violate the Copyright Law of the United States of America.

Also, the copyright law has undergone various changes over the years including the time frame of the copyright.  Under the Berne Convention the international length of a copyright is now 70 years.  However, several years ago, at the basic request of Sony Pictures, the Congress of the United States extended the length of copyrights to 95 years even though this does not comply with the Berne Convention.  This extension was called the "Bono Extension" named after the late Sonny Bono who had been elected to Congress from California and who was killed in a skiing accident.

Glen, K9STH


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From: John Dilks K2TQN <oldradio at WORLDNET.ATT.NET>

Question:  Did anyone check their original manuals to see if in fact they were originally copyrighted?  Each one sent out by Heath should have been registered.  I'll bet some, maybe all, weren't.


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