It looks like Heathkit manuals are no longer available for download on BAMA or any other sites. Copyright issues.

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Sat Dec 13 18:26:18 EST 2008

On Sat, 13 Dec 2008 15:09:58 -0500, John Dilks K2TQN
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>What I'm saying is, Heath and who every else who owned the rights had
>an obligation to enforce the copyright laws. Ignorance of them being
>copied and provided via the Internet is no excuse.  They didn't do
>it, they didn't even try, so the material became public domain.
>(I lost a trademark this way, and it only took a couple of months to
>happen.  I spent over $10K trying to stop it.)
>What that guy bought was a box that was empty.  The prior owner sold
>him empty boxes that used to contain things.  Now the guy with the
>boxes want everything that was given away, to come back.  If he isn't
>stopped, he'll next ask for the records of who downloaded
>(his-claimed) material and will bill you for it.
>At the very least we should not do business with him.  I know I won't.
>Question:  Did anyone check their original manuals to see if in fact
>they were originally copyrighted?  Each one sent out by Heath should
>have been registered.  I'll bet some, maybe all, weren't.
>73, John
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You have hit it right on the head!

I am not a lawyer...did I mention that I am not a lawyer...

A copyright holder has a duty to vigorously defend their property.  This
is why there are many lawsuits filed every year on the behalf of Disney,
Apple, and McDonalds's.  They have pretty deep pockets and can spend $$$$
to do this.  You hear about these companies filing actions against Mom and
Pop places using their name, even though the Mom and Pops have the same
legal name. If you open a greasy spoon and call it McDonald's Diner, you
should expect a call from some lawyers, even if your last name is
McDonald. These are USUALLY settled in a "friendly" manner.  However, the
point of defending their copyrights is proven by their lawsuits.

I'm sorry that you had to see this first hand John.

Due to Heath's lack of interest in this for quite some time (
decades), I am optimistic about the outcome.  It may take time and cause a
lot of heartburn, but hopefully it will be resolved.  I was aware of this
copyright purchase when it happened via one of the other lists.   The
new "owner's" posts regarding his purchase seemed to indicate that he was
doing this solely to be sure that the manuals would be available and not
lost to antiquity.  Hmmmmmm.  Again, I'm optimistic.

I repeat my "not a lawyer" disclaimer.


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