It looks like Heathkit manuals are no longer availabl...

Sun Dec 14 00:02:04 EST 2008

Did this recent event just affect BAMA downloads? A quick check of the  
Manualman website still shows Heathkit manuals available. Do the repro manual  
vendors now have to pay licensing fees to Data Professionals? If so, this was  a 
stroke of genius on the part of Data Professionals for recognizing  the 
opportunity to legally acquire the intellectual property rights of  copyrighted 
material for a small cost which then put them in a  position to get a cut of all 
the vendor's Heathkit manual sales. Not so swell  for the manual vendors though. 
I think we are safe on all the other  brands as the owners will not be 
transferring rights to their manuals  to a private company anytime in the 
foreseeable future. You can't fault Data  Professionals for being savy enough to 
recognize a golden  opportunity to extort fees when they see one while we all sat 
around  looking at the computer screen watching them do it and wondering what the 
heck  just happened!!
A quick check of Heathkit manuals posted at ePay is about 150 right  now. Why 
not lodge your protest by just buying an  original?
Regards, Greg
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