2B Mute

The Pollacks rinkies at ATT.NET
Mon Dec 22 18:22:09 EST 2008

Just to clarify:


The mute contacts are to activate and deactivate the receiver automatically
when the station is in receive or transmit respectively.  With nothing
connected to the mute terminal, the receiver should go into standby when the
standby/receive switch is in standby, and receive when in receive.  If this
is the case, put receiver in standby mode and short the mute line to ground.
The receiver should activate.  In use, put receiver in standby position, and
connect the aux relay contacts on the send receive relay (normally closed)
to the mute line to ground.  The receiver will then be active until the
relay goes to transmit, which will automatically put the receiver in standby
while transmitting.


Hope this is not oversimplifying!  Note that on some receivers, such as the
HQ170, the mute line has to be isolated from ground.  The principle is the
same, but the switch must "float."

Ron K2RP


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