Vertical Radial Installation

Mike WE0H we0h at YAHOO.COM
Wed Feb 6 08:19:07 EST 2008

The XYL & I laid down the radials and ground pipes before we laid the 
sod. Worked awesome...hi hi... Otherwise to add to the mix, my process 
is the steak knife/screwdriver and crawling on my hands & knees suffering...

Now how many is enough? When your out of money. There are over 3000' of 
135' & 65' radials (14g insulated) here with many copper pipes soldered 
to the ends of many radials plus two 10'  3/4" copper pipes in the 
center where it all is soldered together. I suggest a fancy metal disk 
in the center with lots of holes and stainless hardware. The soldering 
was interesting but works...Also, the radials can zig zag if the space 
is tight.

How does it work? Damn good on all HF bands and excellent at 185kc (Part 
5 license), going to test it on 600 meters in a few days.


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