Mike Langner mlangner at SWCP.COM
Sun Feb 10 11:22:32 EST 2008

Among the "great old radios" on my shelves I, too have an HT-37.

When I got it, nulling the carrier was impossible.

Both null controls affected the carrier, but it just wasn't possible to make
the carrier go away!!

Making a long story short, putting an ohm-meter on each of the carrier
balance pots' wiper terminals indicated that the resistance was changing,
all right, but on one of the pots the change/change rate seemed "odd."

Yep!  The carbon track inside one of the pots was no longer connected to one
of the end terminals.  The pot had become a rheostat!!  Replace the pot, and
"Bingo!" -- great carrier suppression.

If you or anyone experiences inadequate carrier suppression, this is one
place to look.  In 50 years of repairing broken electronic "stuff" all the
way from my novice ham days to a long career in broadcasting -- 50 kW
transmitters and the like -- I've only once encountered a pot with the
carbon track detached at one end.

This HT-37 was the one!

And I agree with the other comments -- audio quality from a well-designed
phasing SSB rig -- including this one -- is excellent!  If you get one and
"fix 'er up" I think you'll be quite pleased with the results!!

You'll also grow stronger muscles -- this thing is HEAVY!


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