Radio Restoration, West Coast

Chuck j-mcclurg at SBCGLOBAL.NET
Tue Jan 1 19:48:46 EST 2008

Check with Henry at the "Virginia City Radio Museum " up in Virginia City, 
Nevada.  He does VERY good restorations on radios.  He did my S-38B that I 
had as a kid and it runs great.

He has a site on the web by that name also, but I do not have it handy.

One FINE Museum on old radios back to 1914!!!

Chuck McClurg
Carson City, NV

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> There is/was a guy in the Portland area. His bill reads something like:
> Replace filter cap Cx $15.00
> Replace filter cap Cxx $15.00
> (repeat for as many caps as he feels like changing)
> Align 1st rf stage band 1 $15.00
> Align second rf stage band 1 $15.00
> Align oscillator band 1 $15.00
> (repeat for each band.)
> Align 1st IF $15.00
> etc   etc   etc
> He ran up a bill ov over $500 on a friends SX-28, and it didn't work when 
> he got it back. Wonder how he aligned all those stages when the power 
> trasnformer was open.
> (Sorry, don't remember name, was 10 years ago. With any luck he is fixing 
> radios in hell.) Anyway, ask a lot of questions before you turn somebody 
> loose. There are a lot of good honest techs out there, and a few dishonest 
> ones.
> Thanx
> Lloyd  KK7IZ
> kk7iz at
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> Subject: Radio Restoration, West Coast
> Hello to the Group
> Does anyone know of a good tech in the Northwest ( Washington or Oregon) 
> that does Complete Electrical Restoration on Receivers...Please let me 
> know if anyone out there knows of a good tech...Thanks Chris

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