Is there a "National AM Simplex Frequency on 2 Meters?

Jim Bromley, K7JEB k7jeb at COX.NET
Tue Jan 1 20:17:55 EST 2008

Mike Langner wrote:

> I see a couple of 2 meter AM nets listed in the back pages of Electric
> Radio -- I've suggested those frequencies to our Coordinator but haven't
> heard back from him.

The 2M AM folks in Arizona got the frequency coordinator
to recognize 144.45 statewide for AM calling and working,
this after being unceremoniously bounced off of 144.40 by
the APRS operation on 144.39.

KD4E asked:
> Unless you are going mobile with those rigs do
> you really need a "national" 2m AM simplex
> frequency?

It would be nice not to have to order different transmit crystals
every time you changed states or regions, or even towns.  And
crystal-control is the only way to go in the high-density RF
environment on 2 these days.  By the way, whatever frequency
you choose, make sure the frequency-coordination body knows
about it and recognizes it.  Gotta play nice with the FM/Digital

Jim, K7JEB

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