Capacitor replacement quandary (micamolds)

Al Parker anchor at EC.RR.COM
Mon Jan 21 10:09:56 EST 2008

Hi folks,
    Micamolds are paper, they're lousy in the URM-25 sig. gen.s, etc.
    I'm working on a Millen 92105 Sideband Adapter, something that's not 
found often.  First off, if anyone can help me with a schematic, I'd be 
greatly appreciative.  There is a little info out there on it, but no skem. 
that I found.  I've re-stuffed the 2x20mf at 450v filter cap, put in a 3-wire 
line cord, and powered it up slowly and briefly, after close inspection.  It 
has signs of life, but low B+ at the tube pins, largely due to leaky 
micamolds, some of which got warm rather quickly.  The wiring and components 
are very compact and it'll be a challenge to do a nice neat job of any 
    My quandary is:  what should I use to replace the micamolds?  Normally I 
don't worry much about using "modern" disc ceramics to replace old BBOD's, 
brown waxy papers, etc., but this is a unique piece of eqpt.  Some guys will 
re-stuff the brown waxy paper jobs to make things look original, but that's 
not feasible for micamolds, and might not back fit in easily, it's so tight. 
Those that I can see the markings on are .01's.  I have some small, 
brownish, .01 discs, should I just use them, at least they're not glaring 
orange like some are, and will fit nicely in the larger spaces left by the 
    I'm interested in opinions & suggestions, and hope there'll be no 
offense taken if I don't follow yours.
    I've been having fun for the last week or so going thru and comparing 
several different SB adapters.  Using an SP-600 as the IF provider.
tnx, 73,
Al, W8UT
New Bern, NC

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