EICO 723 Help Needed

Alan W. Fremmer AWFremmer at AOL.COM
Thu Jan 24 11:50:16 EST 2008

Fellow Collectors/Restorers,
An EICO 723, bought on eBay and advertised as in "operating condition" is  
not exactly like that.  I get grid current and can hear the oscillator in a  
nearby receiver.  There is no plate current.  I checked for plate  voltage from 
the plate cap to ground and found nothing.  There is a chassis  mounted 
vertical rf choke in series with the plate cap.  A check at the  base of the choke 
shows 600 volts.  At the top, zero.  A resistance  check of the choke shows 
I guess the choke is open.  I don't have a schematic nor a parts  list.  Does 
anyone have a suggestion as to what I can use in place of the  apparently 
defective choke.  Sources for same would be most  appreciated.
Thanks in advance to all on the list.
73, Alan - KB2HEI

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