Eico 723 RF Choke

Jim Bromley, K7JEB k7jeb at COX.NET
Thu Jan 24 12:29:12 EST 2008

Alan Fremmer wrote:
> An EICO 723, bought on eBay and advertised as in "operating condition" is
> not exactly like that....

> I guess the choke is open.  I don't have a schematic nor a parts  list.  Does
> anyone have a suggestion as to what I can use in place of the  apparently
> defective choke.  Sources for same would be most  appreciated.

It is an air-core, 2.5 millihenry choke.  I haven't seen the exact
type you need for quite a while -- a air-core, multi-section, pi-wound

I downloaded the 723 schematic from BAMA and converted it from
DJVU format to the more common PDF one.  It is temporarily
on the Arizona-AM website at:


Jim, K7JEB

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