Eico 723 RF Choke

Jim Bromley, K7JEB k7jeb at COX.NET
Thu Jan 24 12:51:53 EST 2008

Jim Bromley, K7JEB, replies to his own post:

> It is an air-core, 2.5 millihenry choke.  I haven't seen the exact
> type you need for quite a while -- an air-core, multi-section, pi-wound
> type.

It turns out that Antique Electronics Supply in Tempe, AZ
has exactly what you need for $3.95.  It is made by Hammond
and has the part number:  P-C1535B.

Here's their main page:


The best way to find it is probably to navigate
down through the website menus:

Top -> Transformers/Chokes -> Hammond -> R.F. Chokes

Here are the listed characteristics:

    * Impregnated with a moisture and fungus resistant varnish.
    * 1-1/2" long axial leads.
    * Wound for low distributed capacity by using 3-Pi windings.
    * Inductance: 2.5 mH, 5% tolerance
    * Q (min): 106
    * Test Frequency (KHz): 250
    * Self Resonant Min. Frequency (MHz): 1.3
    * Maximum DC current resistance (Ohms): 9
    * Maximum DC current (mA): 160
    * Coil diameter (in): .469
    * Core Length (in): .875
    * Core Material: Ferrite

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