EICO 723 - It's Working!

Alan W. Fremmer AWFremmer at AOL.COM
Sat Jan 26 16:58:32 EST 2008

Fellow Collectors/Restorers,
The amateur radio community is the most selfless group of individuals I  have 
ever had the pleasure meeting, none more so than the folks on this  list.
My thanks to all the guys who responded to my query re: an inoperative EICO  
723 transmitter.  The following contributed to my getting the rig working  
Jim, K7JEB who provided a schematic and a partial manual (it finally  
downloaded) as well as suggesting sources for a replacement rf choke
Ken, WA0RRZ who suggested a possible fix for the open choke
Mark, WA9ETW who gave me encouragement by agreeing with my diagnosis and,  as 
recommended by Ken,  thought the open winding might be easily  fixed
Jim, N5MSJ who thought something more serious (involving the PA screen) was  
going on and had thoughts on how that might be corrected.  Fortunately,  that 
problem did not arise.
And finally Mike, K5MGR who couldn't wait to put a choke in the mail  
(priority) and sent it to me gratis.  It arrived today (and you will  receive a 
little something from me by return mail).  Although it is not an  exact 
replacement, looking more like the type that's wired point to point under  the chassis, I 
jumpered it across the defective choke. Powered up the rig,  adjusted the 
grid current and switched on the B+.  Voila, plate current,  light bulb glowing, 
plate dipping, etc!  What a great feeling!
Sorry for taking up the bandwidth but just felt these guys deserved some  
recognition for going above and beyond the call.
Thanks so much.  
Alan - KB2HEI 

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