FS Viking 500

George Runyan wb6yec at COX.NET
Mon Jul 14 15:02:24 EDT 2008

I am presenting for sale a Johnson Viking 500 transmitter. I have three of
them and want to make one available.This transmitter is fully operational
and operates on 80 through 10 meters both AM and CW. It will also accept an
SSB signal. The RF Deck has been repaired and operating well. The
transmitter has been in use for the last 2 months on 75 meters. The audio
circuit has been modified for high fidelity audio. This radio has lots of
audio. It works well with a D-104, but I have been using with external audio
processing. The rig puts out 300 watts carrier. 


The power supply has been modified. The plate transformer has been replaced
and is relatively new. It is wired for 120 volts AC. The PS has been
converted to solid state and the 866 tubes eliminated. The original relays
have been changed and are operating fine. The low voltage transformer has
been replaced with a Peter Dahl. The 811 modulator is in good working order.


The transmitter comes with all the cables and the manual. 


The transmitter is in overall good condition. All the screws are included
with the deck. The face has a few marks on it as noted in the pictures.
Someone put a quarter inch jack on the front left bottom under the audio
control. I removed it and filled the whole with JB Weld. The VFO dial is in
good shape with clear numbers. It tracks fine across the bands. All of the
lettering on the controls is clear and in good shape. The lettering under
the logo is worn some. All the knobs are original. Both meters work well.
The original rubber feet are missing and wooden feet have been installed
from front to back of cabinet. The bottom metal plate is missing from the
power supply.


A pick up would be desired in San Diego. I will ship within the continental
48. The power supply weighs about 135 pounds. The RF Deck is about 45
pounds. It will take two boxes and will be packaged professionally. I will
insure both units for the value of winning bid. Please plan on $150-175 for
packaging and Fed-Ex costs. 


The average going price on E-Bay is around $3,000, even in none working
condition. I would like $2,800.00 for this unit. Pictures will be made
available upon request. Please e-mail me off the list for questions or





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