FS: RME, Hallicrafters, HP, Transformers. TenTec, Antenna Relays

David Hollander n7rk at COX.NET
Tue Jun 3 11:40:45 EDT 2008

Here are a few items for sale.  Prices do not include shipping unless 
noted.  I will ship overseas.

RME 4350 Receiver with RME 4302 Speaker.......$250 plus shipping.
1960's 160-10 meter receiver 8 tube receiver with crystal filter, 
s-meter and matching speaker. Recently aligned and works well. Main 
tuning knob is not original. Includes original manual. E-mail me for 
additional photos.

Hallicrafters SX-43 Receiver with Manual....$140 plus shipping
The receiver works but would benefit from a restoration. I listened to 
signals on the AM broadcast band, WWV at 5, 10 and 15 MHz as well as 
signals on several short wave bands. I did not hear signals on the 
higher bands or on the FM band so I would assume it needs help. The 
s-meter works, the BFO and crystal filter work. Cosmetically, it has 
lots of scuffs and scratches as can be seen in the photos. It has all of 
the correct knobs. It does not have any dings, dents or extra holes. 
This is a a heavy receiver. Includes a photocopy of the manual.

Hewlett Packard HP 711A High Voltage Bench Supply...$140 plus shipping
This is a regulated high voltage power supply with an output of 0-500 
volts dc with a maximum current of 100 mA. Unregulated ac output is 6.3 
volts at 6 amps maximum and 12.6 volts center tap at 3 amps maximum. The 
supply has two meters. The current meter measures 0-100 mA and the volt 
meter measures 0-500 volts or 0-50 volts with the push button. This 
includes a photocopy of the HP 711A manual.

Advance Electric Dow-Key Clone Coaxial Relay....$27 plus shipping 
3 Available
Antenna changeover relay made by Advance Electric which looks identical 
if not more ruggedly built than a Dow-Key relay. Possibly this company 
built the relays for Dow-Key. This is a 24 VDC unit with SO-239 
connectors. Tested and is in very good condition.

TenTec Electro-Voice 729 Microphone.....$40 plus shipping
EV Electrovoice 729 High Impedance Microphone with stand. This mike has 
a TenTec logo so it probably sold by TenTec for use with their ham radio 
equipment. Cosmetically the mike looks good but is missing some paint in 
places. I hooked the mike up to my Bogen amp and it is working. Sounded 
very good with nice strong audio when listening to it. It is currently 
wired with a 2 pin microphone connector most likely wired for use with a 
Johnson Ranger or a Johnson Valiant transmitter.

High Voltage High Current Power Transformer...$60 plus $11 shipping
High voltage high current power transformer manufactured by Federal 
Telephone and Radio.
This has been tested and all windings have been verified and read the 
proper voltages. This transformer has the following windings:
     * 115 v primary
     * 560-0-560 volts at 500 ma
     * 475-0-475 volts 150 mA

Triad HSM-271 Dual Primary Isolation Transformer...$35 plus $11 shipping
This has been tested and all windings have been verified and read the 
proper voltages.This transformer has the following windings:
     * 115 v primary
     * 230 v primary
     * Com-105-115-125 v at 1 amp
     * Com-105-115-125 v at 1 amp


73 and thanks for looking.
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