Source for HV Electrolytics please? (Globe King Restoration)

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Sun Mar 2 20:34:01 EST 2008

The original is just two electrolytic capacitors rated
at 350 volts in series contained within a single

Replace the capacitors with two 22 mfd or 33 mfd
capacitors in series with a voltage rating of 450
volts.  That will give you a wider margin on voltage
and either value will give you a capacitance value
that were within the original tolerances.

Remember that most of the old style electrolytics had
tolerances of -50% / +80%.  New ones are available
that have tolerances of +/- 20%.  Those capacitors are
available from several different sources at very good
prices.  Mouser - - has 22 mfd
capacitors at 450 volts (part number 647-UVR2W220MHD
at $1.07 each in single quantities and $0.80 in
quantities of 10) and 33 mfd capacitors at 450 volts
(part number 647-UVR2W330MHD at $1.89 each in single
quantities and $1.42 each in quantities of 10).

The new capacitors are MUCH smaller in physical size
and are of MUCH better quality than the originals.

Glen, K9STH

--- Les Zwiebel WB6ORZ <wb6orz at> wrote:

I am restoring a Globe King 500C AM Transmitter, and
want to replace an Axial leaded Electrolytic, 12 mfd
at 700 (seven hundred) V rating. The original is about
3 or 4" long, and 1" in diameter. So far, Google is
only pointing to a 600V item.

Glen, K9STH


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