Resistors Needed

Alan W. Fremmer AWFremmer at AOL.COM
Fri Mar 7 09:00:22 EST 2008

Fellow Collectors/Restorers,
Am trying to restore a Lafayette HE-25 Voyager transmitter.  The main  
problem seems to lie in several blown components in the power supply.   Replacing 
the electrolytics is not such a problem as they are available from the  usual 
sources.  What I need is a 10k ohm, 10 watt and a 30k ohm, 30  watt tubular 
resistor.  The 10k ohm measures about 2 inches long and  about 9/16 inches in 
diameter.  Haven't physically measured the other as it  is still mounted in it's 
bracket to the chassis.  Obviously, willing to pay  a reasonable sum.
Any help, even if the wattage is higher, in finding the needed parts  greatly 
Many thanks, in advance, to all.
73, Alan - KB2HEI

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