genral question on Mercury and Gemini Space Capsuls

J Forster jfor at QUIK.COM
Fri Mar 7 21:24:18 EST 2008

The radios are described here:


spalletta wrote:

> I was in L.A. area on the freeway in June of 07 and was passed by a semi
> with a covered large load that had the rear part of the cover ripped
> loose so one could peek a see, I saw a 1960s space capsule like the
> friendship 7 version mercury , i was amazed how large this is since i
> never had seen one in real life before, to this day i been wondering
> where it might have been off too it was heading south towards San Diego
> , I thought some of you MIGHT  know something about this, its a shot in
> the dark but you folks seem so bright and been able to help before
> thought i try. like to know what type of radio these capsules used also.
> thanks Phil K1PAS

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